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13th Jun 2015

Vine: Referee misses handball so blatant that it actually gives Thierry Henry’s a run for its money

Shocking decision

Ben Kiely

Either this referee needs to get his eyes tested or he should seriously consider a new career.

Colombia, ranked 28th in the world, pulled of a huge upset at the Women’s World Cup by beating 3rd-ranked France 2-0 in the group stage.

However, they were aided a great deal by the referee, who failed to call an intentional handball inside their penalty area when they were protecting a slim lead.

After scoring early in the first half, Colombia saw themselves guarding 1-0 lead against the French. About halfway through the second half, the course of the game could have changed dramatically were in not for the ref.

France were on the attack and managed to work the ball into the penalty area when Colombia midfielder Daniela Montoya blatantly batted the ball off of the French attacker’s head with her hand. The game continued on as normal, and the referee neither awarded the spot kick nor punished the offending player.

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