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29th Apr 2018

Football fan takes ingenious measure to overcome stadium ban

One way to side step a ban

Wayne Farry

This is some elevated thinking

If you were to receive a stadium ban you would have some obvious options on how to continue watching your team. You could turn on the television and hope that their game is televised, you could don a fake moustache, trench coat and hat and declare yourself Guy Incognito – a weary traveller looking to wet his whistle and watch a game of association football.

Alternatively, you could do what one Turkish football fan did and hire an entire crane to watch the game while simultaneously revelling in your magnificent evil genius.

The man, a supporter of Denizlispor, did not reveal exactly why he had been given a stadium ban, though one can safely assume it was due to an attempt to block out the sun with a giant metal contraption, or perhaps make a vest out of something adorable.

Whatever the reason it appeared to do little to dampen his enthusiasm, as he rented a crane, rose well above the height of the stadium and watched with glee while holding the team’s flag.

As can be seen in these photos from Turkish outlet Birgun, the man looks on top of the world with not one but two Denizlispor flags, one in his hand and one draped over the front of the crane.

Whether he is allowed to continue this Machiavellian scheme remains to be seen.

But with a reported year to run on his stadium ban one can safely assume that he will continue to go to more and more ludicrous lengths, until one day he just gets quite tired and switches on the radio instead.

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