These terrible Filipino divers are hilarious... but they're not actually at the Olympics 7 years ago

These terrible Filipino divers are hilarious... but they're not actually at the Olympics

For every athlete across the world The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of the sport.

It's the chance to compete against the best of the best from across the globe in your chosen discipline.


The 100m has Usain Bolt, the cycling has Sir Bradley Wiggins, but the ones everyone seemed to be watching were the Philippines diving team.

But all the international attention is not for their flawless dives or their unimpeachable techniques, oh no.

Everyone on the internet was in awe of quite how bad they were.


John Elmerson Fabriga, 21, somehow managed to score 0.00 after not even completing his dive, landing flat on his back in the pool.

But then up stepped his Filipino teammate John David Pahoyo, 17, who, obviously not wanting to be outdone, somehow managed to land feet first in the pool.

While it's fair to say they're far and away better divers than we could hope to ever be, it was still terrible diving.


But this wasn't actually at the Rio Olympic Games. It happened during last year's Southeast Asian Games in the men's 3m springboard event at the 2015 Singapore competition.

It didn't stop the video resurfacing online with many people thinking this was the Phillipines team flopping (quite literally) at the Olympic Games.



Obviously people wanted to know when they were appearing in Rio (they weren't even named on the official diving roster)...

All this hilarity and piss-taking though was soon snuffed out when people pointed out the video was indeed from 2015...

All we could think of was this...

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