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23rd Feb 2015

These photos of Irish sports stars posing with their younger selves are sure to brighten up your day

Time waits for no man

Ben Kiely

We’ve set the flux capacitor to 1.21 jigowatts and brought Irish sports personalities back in time for a photo op with their younger selves

For no reason in particular, other than the fact that it tickled our fancy, we’ve decided to Photoshop some well known Irish sports stars into images containing a younger version of themselves. The beauty of this little experiment is that it is essentially a study of the development of certain fashion trends for given eras in Ireland.

Here’s a handy little trick for figuring out what era a given photo is from. The more voluminous the perm and the closer you are to the 80s.

The other startling revelation the vast majority of even the baldest of athletes had hair sprouting from their scalp at some stage. You’ll notice that Father time has been kind to some but mercilessly cruel to others. Enjoy!

Damien Duff: 2012 vs 1998

A dejected Damien Duff after the game 18/6/2012

Donncha O’Callaghan: 2015 vs 1999

Ronan O'Gara practices his kicking in an empty Millenium Stadium 23/5/2008

Roy Keane: 2015 vs 1997

Roy Keane 17/11/2014

Peter Stringer: 2015 vs 1999

Peter Stringer 18/12/2012

Andy Lee: 2014 vs 2004

Andy Lee 13/10/2009

Rory McIlroy: 2014 vs 1999

Rory McIlroy with Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness 22/7/2014

Cathal Pendred: 2014 vs 2009

UFC Fight Night Weigh-in

Ruby Walsh: 2015 vs 1997

Brian Cuthbert 8/2/2015

Barry McGuigan: 2014 vs 1985

Marc McCullough and Barry McGuigan 18/6/2014