The FA Want to speak to Arsene Wenger over doping comments 7 years ago

The FA Want to speak to Arsene Wenger over doping comments

The English FA are reportedly very interested in sitting down with Arsene Wenger to discuss a bombshell he dropped in a recent interview.

In an interview with L’Equipe, the Arsenal boss admitted being proud at “never injecting (his) players to make them better” and that “(he's) played against many teams that weren’t in that frame of mind”.


The FA have read these comments and have subsequently invited Wenger to share his thoughts on the matter with them in private and provide them with more information on his experiences, according to The Evening Standard.

Wenger is not in any trouble but the FA are very serious about the matter of drug taking in the beautiful game and feel obliged to explore Wenger's situation.

Arsenal have played against one player who failed a drugs test this season. In September, Arsenal lost a Champions League group match to Dinamo Zagreb, who's midfielder Arijan Ademi tested positive for a banned substance after the match. He faces a hearing on November 19 and will be subjected to disciplinary action should he also test positive with his B-sample.

However, Zagreb will will not be punished as UEFA rules dictate at least two players must be found guilty in the same season in order for the club to be penalised.