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02nd Jan 2015

RTE receive complaints about “out of touch” Giles and Dunphy

The RTE veterans are accused of being "staid, stale and clueless"

Neil Treacy

After Ireland’s memorable draw with world champions Germany in October, Twitter came alive.

While most were declaring their undying love for John O’Shea, there were plenty who felt angered by the overly negative analysis of RTE duo Eamon Dunphy and John Giles.

And while the bulk of the outcry came over Twitter, it seems that plenty went down the official route by making complaints about the pair to the state broadcaster.

The Irish Sun today revealed some of the powerful messages sent to RTE by members of the public, calling for the veteran pundits to be replaced.

One complaint read: “Please, please, please – for the love of all things holy – take the dinosaur off the stage. It’s bad enough we have the most staid, stale, clueless analysis on sports television after each Ireland match. Can no-one in RTE see how out of touch and dumb Giles and Dunphy have been for the last decade? It’s beyond a joke.”

Others kept their message short and sweet: “You need to replace the soccer analysis panel urgently. They are the most negative group of individuals on TV.”

And another member of the public really didn’t hold back: “Dunphy spews bile and garbage and once again, as he has with every Irish manager, vilified O’Neill. I’m sick to the teeth listening to him. As for Giles, he is well past his sell-by date. He rambles on each night with the same rubbish. Get rid of them.”

While RTE obviously will be annoyed to receive criticism from the public, in reality it’s bound to just act as petrol to the already roaring Dunphy and Giles show.

Expect more negativity, and probably even more complaints come the spring.

Hat tip The Irish Sun

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