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02nd Jul 2024

Roy Keane apologised to England player for ‘mocking him’ on punditry


“I bumped into Harry a few months ago, and I apologised to him.”

Roy Keane has revealed that he apologised to Harry Maguire after he ‘mocked’ the England and Manchester United defender in a punditry appearance.

Maguire has been criticised for his performances by some pundits and people on social media in recent seasons.

The defender, who missed out on England’s Euro 2024 squad due to injury, has made some high-profile mistakes and has been heavily scrutinised.

Keane has been critical of Maguire but feels that he ‘crossed the line’ on one occasion.

Harry Maguire

The former Man United captain crossed paths with Maguire earlier this year and apologised to the England star for ‘mocking’ him.

“I was harsh on Maguire,” Keane said on Stick to Football.

“You try and keep it (criticism) to footballing reasons.

“We do a lot of United matches and he was struggling at United, he had a tough time with England, but more so club level.

“Also, you’re on about the mental health of players, and I definitely crossed the line with Harry Maguire.

“We did a game one time and I kinda mocked him a little bit.

“Listen, you cross the line with a player and you know it’s not nice. And I played the game, I know how hard it is.

“But I’m also big enough… I bumped into Harry a few months ago, and I apologised to him.

“Sometimes we got it wrong too, we’re pundits. Listen, we set high standards from when we played.

“I think there is a point where you go, if it’s personal, then you’re crossing a line.”

You can watch Keane speak about Maguire below from around the 25-minute mark.

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