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30th Mar 2016

Piers Morgan makes a ludicrous comparison between Gary Neville and Arsene Wenger

Kevin McGillicuddy

It’s Piers Morgan’s 51th birthday, but not even on one day of the year can he not be a pain in the arse(nal).

The former newspaper editor and general Gunners whine-bag was just one of a number of people today who reacted with less than shock to Gary Neville’s sacking as Valencia manager.

The former Manchester United defender was axed as the La Liga outfit’s struggling manager this afternoon after a miserable four months in charge.

The defender achieved only a handful of wins with the Spanish outfit, but Piers Morgan feels that if he can be sacked for his recent failings, then surely Arsene Wenger’s position must also be under threat too after another season of seeming disappointment.

We’re not sure that Morgan can make any comparison between Arsenal’s best ever manager, and Neville who never had managed any team before.

But it’s his birthday, so we’ll cut him some slack.

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