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19th Feb 2016

PIC: Here’s the laughable view Manchester United fans paid €91 for against FC Midtjylland

We see a problem with this


Worthy of a walkout.

The price of Premier League tickets has been big news since Liverpool fans forced the club’s owners into a rethink over a hike.

It’s a common complaint that the increases in the cost of matchday tickets are slowly pricing out local fans and negatively impacting the atmosphere at games.

Disgruntled fans say instead of raising the prices, we should be looking to continental Europe for an example to follow – but we doubt they were talking about Denmark.

Manchester United fans were furious when it was announced that they would have to pay €91  for tickets for their trip to FC Midtjylland on Thursday night – €63 more than Southampton were charged earlier in the season.

So just what kind of a view does a €91 ticket get you? Well, one United fan shared a picture from his seat, and it doesn’t look worth it.

Perhaps the Danish champions were doing United fans a favour, as Louis van Gaal’s side slumped to a 2-1 defeat – putting them in some very embarrassing company.

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