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18th Aug 2023

Rachel Riley will stop supporting Man United if they bring back Mason Greenwood

Steve Hopkins

‘We’ve all seen and heard enough. Pretending this is OK would be a huge part of the problem.’

Rachel Riley has said it would be “devastating for my club” if Manchester United allow Mason Greenwood to return, and that she would no longer be able to support them.

Greenwoodb, 21, has not played for the Red Devils since January 2022, after being arrested for controlling and coercive behaviour, assault and attempted rape.

The Crown Prosecution Service withdrew all charges in February 2023, forcing Man United to re-consider the footballer’s return amid a public storm of opposition.

On Wednesday, Man United released a statement confirming that the findings of their investigation are complete and an update is imminent, however, it said that is still in the “final stages” of making a decision.

The club stressed that throughout the process “the welfare and perspective of the alleged victim” had been central to inquiries, but it also had “responsibilities to Mason as an employee.”

Man United had been expected to make a decision before the team’s first Premier League game of the season against the Wolves on Monday, sparking protests from fans that did not want to see him return.

Countdown co-host, Riley, has since said that she will no longer be able to call herself a Manchester United fan if Greenwood rejoins the club.

“I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club,” Riley wrote on social media.

“We’ve all seen and heard enough. Pretending this is OK would be a huge part of the problem.”

She continued: “It would be devastating for my club to contribute to a culture that brushes this under the carpet. I really hope they do the right thing.”

Ahead of Monday’s game, Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return put out a lengthy statement to say Greenwood’s reintegration “tells us, as women, that we don’t matter”.

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