Man United ‘spoke’ to Mason Greenwood about brutal Ronaldo criticsm 5 months ago

Man United ‘spoke’ to Mason Greenwood about brutal Ronaldo criticsm

Greenwood labelled Ronaldo’s time at Real Madrid as ‘dead’

Manchester United spoke to Mason Greenwood after he berated the club’s academy players, calling them “s**t” to their faces, as well labelling Cristiano Ronaldo as “dead”.


The Athletic reported that staff at United had conversations with the forward to correct him on his language with Greenwood not afraid to call out his teammates.

Greenwood would regularly speak down to his teammates, with one source saying: “He knew he was a good player and was cutting, he wasn’t shy about telling someone they were s**t.

“When you hear that you’d think, ‘Can’t be talking like that'”.

As well as putting down members of the academy, Greenwood even went for Ronaldo and described his time at Real Madrid as “dead”, implying that the serial winner’s career was finished.


Mason Greenwood

Additionally, Greenwood also threatened to join local rivals Manchester City on multiple occasions but ultimately rejected their approach.

His behaviour also reportedly transcended into his school life, with a number of staff members at Ashton on Mersey recalling him not being overly affectionate.

Last month, charges of alleged rape and assault were dropped against the 21-year-old, however he still faces an internal investigation into whether he should become a part of Erik ten Hag’s squad or if United will part ways with him.


Greenwood is keen to get back to playing football and reportedly wants to “run through a brick wall to be back playing for Man United now.”

A number of Turkish clubs have enquired to take Greenwood on loan but United have rejected all advances for the 21-year-old. His last appearance for the Red Devils came against West Ham United in January, 2022 before he was then arrested a month later.

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