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17th Sep 2022

‘We will abide by the protocols’ – Ange Postecoglou says Celtic will pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth

Patrick McCarry

Jeremy Kyle

“It absolutely ENRAGED me.”

One wonders if Jeremy Kyle had ever heard of Celtic Football Club before Wednesday night.

The former paternity test revealer and Jerry Springer wannabe has moved off mainstream television and now has a show on Talk TV, the broadcaster that Piers Morgan draws 62,000 viewers a night on.

Kyle now dishes out his hot and cold takes through that medium and, on his latest show, Celtic FC and their supporters were in his sights. The holier than thou host took massive umbrage with Celtic supporters ‘slagging off’ the death of Queen Elizabeth II with banners displayed at their Champions League game against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Kyle seemed unaware of the long-held beliefs of, and differences between, Celtic and Rangers supporters, and got it entirely wrong when the European fixture, which took place in Warsaw, Poland, was played out in Glasgow.

“One of the things that absolutely enraged me, you know this debate last week about cancelling the Premier League fixtures? They decided to do that, and Jamie Carragher, of course, rent-a-gob, and Gary Neville, rent-a-gob mark II, came out said it was disgraceful and this would have been a fantastic chance for football fans to show their respect.

“I get that. Then we watch what happened in Scotland. Celtic fans are being slammed, absolutely, for the most offensive banner, which was basically slagging off the Queen’s death. In contrast, a quite elaborate tribute from Rangers fans at the weekend… the impact was wonderful.

“I didn’t understand why some Celtic fans were being disrespectful to the late Monarch, Rangers fans not so.”

‘We will abide by the protocols’ – Ange Postecoglou

Jeremy Kyle got on Dr. Michael Kelly, a former director at Celtic FC, and asked a man who is no longer involved with the club just how the incident was allowed to happen.

Kyle said there had been ‘a deafening silence’ from Celtic on the banners that were displayed in Warsaw and he wanted the club ‘to ban the lot of them’ that were involved.

However, Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou had previously spoken about supporters of the club being respectful with regards to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and, before his side’s game against St Mirren, he commented on it again:

“I have the same message to our fans that we always have. As I said before the game, we will abide by the protocols. We wore black armbands on Wednesday night.

“I think there’s a minute’s applause, we will abide by whatever obligations and responsibilities we have as a football club. We will do that in a respectful manner. We want our supporters to do the same.”

Meanwhile, Sky Sports has told their production team to be ready to reduce noise from Celtic supporters during live coverage of their game away at St Mirren on Sunday.

UEFA have since opened disciplinary proceeding against Celtic for the banners, though have decided not to do so with Rangers over their decision to play the national anthem.

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