Jayson Molumby reveals how Ireland 'caused havoc' against Scotland 1 year ago

Jayson Molumby reveals how Ireland 'caused havoc' against Scotland

'But against Scotland, it just clicked.'

Jayson Molumby revealed how the Republic of Ireland 'caused havoc' against Scotland following their 3-0 win at the Aviva Stadium on Saturday afternoon.


Alan Browne, Troy Parrott, and Michael Obafemi got on the scoresheet as the Boys in Green recorded their first Nations League victory since the competition began in 2018.

Jayson Molumby Ireland Scotland

Jayson Molumby discusses Ireland's Nations League progress.

Molumby admitted Ireland's opening defeats to Armenia and Ukraine "wasn't good enough," in comparison to their performance against Scotland.


The West Brom midfielder highlighted his performance alongside Jason Knight as the pair "caused havoc" in their 3-0 Nations League victory.

“We’re not stupid, we know it wasn’t good enough, Armenia especially. I think to a man it wasn’t good enough,” Molumby told reporters after Ireland's first Nations League win.

“Maybe we picked up a bit better against Ukraine, more intensity. The first 20 against Ukraine the intensity was good, maybe the quality was missing. But (against Scotland) it just clicked, to a man we gave 100 percent. I thought we deserved a win, maybe by more.

"I think it was just the intensity, the passion, the commitment was there for everyone. Me and Knighty there, we were fully committed, there was a lot of energy between both of us and we went out there and caused havoc"


Jayson Molumby Ireland Scotland

Molumby on Ireland's staff.

Molumby addressed the importance of Stephen Kenny's staff during Ireland's 'doom and gloom' period following the defeats.

The 22-year-old described the staff as "amazing people" as they helped to lift the players' spirits following a difficult week of Nations League action.


“The staff work tirelessly behind the scenes. It’s been a bit doom and gloom around the camp, but the staff, there are some amazing people behind the scenes," Molumby added.

“They are picking everyone up and making sure there are smiles on the lads' faces so it is a credit to them as well. It’s all of them. The masseuses, everyone, the chef, there are amazing people working behind the scenes who are incredible.

“It’s not easy, you know, you’re away from your family and friends, but they’re amazing people.”

Jayson Molumby Ireland Scotland

Ireland's fourth game in this year's Nations League campaign is against Ukraine on Tuesday, with a 7:45 pm kick-off in the city of Lodz in Poland.


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