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13th Oct 2022

Jamie Carragher couldn’t resist texting Hamann after Klopp’s comments

Lee Costello

Klopp had sarcastically called Hamann a “well respected source.”

After Jurgen Klopp’s brutally sarcastic comments about Didi Hamann in a press conference earlier this week, Jamie Carragher couldn’t resist texting his old teammate.

The former Liverpool midfielder was critical of The Red’s recent form, and when a journalist asked the manager what he thought of these comments, he sarcastically said that Hamann was a  “well respected source.”

Not one to miss any opportunity like this, Carragher sent a text to the ex Germany midfielder.

“I’m really close with Didi and I text him last night just to see if he was still alive and was okay!’ Carragher said ahead of The Overlap Live show at Wembley.

“I saw the question in the press conference and didn’t see why Jurgen reacted the way he did because whoever asked it said Hamman said “you need a spark” – and Liverpool do.

“I didn’t get where the frustration came from. I didn’t know whether it was something that goes back to when Didi was a pundit in Germany and Jurgen being the manager of Dortmund.

“I’ll try and get to the bottom of it! But it didn’t seem that (bad)… I’ve said much worse about Klopp and his Liverpool team and I absolutely love them to bits, so I didn’t get where the frustration come from or whether it had been lost in translation what he said.

Jamie Carragher Didi Hamman Jurgen Klopp

“I haven’t seen the full interview – it was just what the journalist asked Klopp.”

Liverpool play Manchester City this Sunday at Anfield, and although times have been tough for those in red, their 7-1 win over Rangers in midweek will certainly help boost their confidence.

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