Jamie Carragher compares Erik ten Hag's job at Man United to Jurgen Klopp's at Liverpool 1 year ago

Jamie Carragher compares Erik ten Hag's job at Man United to Jurgen Klopp's at Liverpool

Carragher feels there are similarities between the two

Jamie Carragher has compared the job Erik ten Hag has at Manchester United to the task Jurgen Klopp was faced with when he first joined Liverpool.


Ten Hag will join the club in the summer off the back of yet another dismal campaign for United - who look all but set to miss out on Champions League football - and has a major rebuild job on his hands.

With several first-team players set to leave Old Trafford, many believe that the Dutchman needs time to put his stamp on the squad and help them to return to competing for major trophies.

'I think it's very similar'

Carragher Ten Hag Klopp


'I think that's absolute rubbish'

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Carragher drew comparisons about Ten Hag's job to that of Klopp's when he first joined Liverpool back in 2015.

At the time of his appointment, the German was faced with performing major surgery on his first team and has since transformed the Reds into one of the best teams in the world and regularly challenging for major domestic honours on several fronts.

And the former Liverpool defender believes that there are similarities. "I think it's very similar," he said.


"And I think it was possibly a harder job, for Jurgen Klopp, because of the funds, as I think any Manchester United manager we'll see going forward will get more funds.

"People talk about how long it should take Ten Hag and there's some talk of Manchester City and Liverpool being five years, maybe even 10 years ahead.

"I think that's absolute rubbish, I think any top manager gets a top club back on track within a couple years. That's not saying to win the title or the Champions League, but they get them back on track where they're competing."

Gary Neville feels it will take Ten Hag four to five years to win a title


Gary Neville was also asked for his opinion and he believes it may take even longer than three years for Ten Hag to bring success back to Old Trafford and that there is bigger comparisons between him and Gerard Houllier.

"I liken this job Ten Hag has got with taking on these two managers in Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp who have set unbelievable foundations over the last five years.

"Maybe Gerard Houllier's task when he came in and Sir Alex Ferguson and Wenger were set or when Rafa Benitez came in and Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex and Wenger were set.

"I said four to five years to win a title.  We all hope he comes in and blows everyone away and Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp blow up, but that doesn't look like that's happening."

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