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01st Mar 2017

Greater Manchester Police Twitter pokes fun at Liverpool in tweet about using phone while driving


Simon Lloyd

The issue of using a mobile phone while driving is a serious one.

So serious, in fact, that tougher penalties have been introduced across England, Scotland and Wales on March 1 for those caught doing it.

Newly qualified drivers can lose their license and penalty points and fines have been doubled to six points and £200.

In a bid to make people aware of the new changes, the person with the keys to one of Greater Manchester Police’s official Twitter accounts attempted to use a bit of football-related humour.

The account representing officers in Middleton sent out a tweet explaining that anyone found using their phone at the wheel will receive more points on their driving licence (six) than Liverpool managed to chalk up in the Premier League in February.


Presumably, the majority of the 7,500 people that had shared the tweet at the time of writing appreciated the attempt at humour…

Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler also seemed to see the funny side to the tweet, even if his reply did come with something about making complaints about police staff behaving incorrectly attached to it.

Regardless of whether you were a fan or not,  the important message about not using phones while at the wheel has almost certainly reached a few more people thanks to it.