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22nd Jan 2016

Generous Neil Lennon steps in to help Bolton staff who went unpaid this month


Kevin McGillicuddy

Times are bad at the Macron stadium.

Bolton are rooted to the bottom of the Championship table and things are looking very grim for the former Premier League battlers.

Not only that, but the club is in dire financial straits as well, with money leaking out of the the club via every crack in the stadium’s foundations, and not much coming in to replace it.

The Trotters are over €200million in debt and owe the British government almost €3million in unpaid taxes.

They are dangerously close to being wound up unless they can find a source of  income quickly, which has led to almost 300 staff at the club not being paid this month.

The club failed to pay its players in November, but the news of the cancellation of wages into employees accounts has led to manager Neil Lennon stepping in.

The ex-Celtic manager told reporters today that due to the club’s desperate cash crisis, he and his coaching staff have tried to organise to pay some of the wages of those employed by the club

“I’ve got staff who are struggling to make ends meet.

“That’s not a great scenario so some of us are having a whip round for a few of them just to keep them on board.”