Antoine Griezmann did a quick World Cup jersey change that many viewers missed 3 years ago

Antoine Griezmann did a quick World Cup jersey change that many viewers missed

Handy that the gang at Nike could stitch this together so quickly....

Ahead of the 2011 Grand Slam decider with Ireland, the kit manufacturer put together a video advert celebrating England's stunning achievement. The only problem was, England lost to Ireland.


It's interesting to note that times have not changed Nike's ways. Indeed, they made ones special jersey for Antoine Griezmann & Co. IF France won the World Cup.

The Atletico Madrid star scored from the penalty spot and his free-kick, albeit won in dubious circumstances, forced the Mario Mandzukic own goal. An assist and a goal on the biggest stage of all and it was enough, as well as his overall performance, to win Griezmann the man-of-the-match award.

Following his side's 4-2 victory over Croatia, the French forward told reporters:

"Well frankly and honestly I don’t really realise yet what it [winning the tournament] is. The World Cup... it’s a lot. I am very proud of this team and I’m very proud of the players and of the technical staff, the medical staff. We were really a united group.

"Whether we had players on the bench or in the initial lineup, thank to this strength we did something incredible. We made history and we are going to enjoy it. Tonight we are going to see our families, we are going to party and tomorrow will be the same in France, we are going to party with all the French people."

For Griezmann, his party was carried out, in Moscow, in a specially designed jersey that featured two stars above the French crest. The stars represent World Cup wins and the second one is for 2018, to go with the first, for the 1998 triumph.




Griezmann was not the only French star to get the honour of wearing the new kit. Many of his teammates, including Paul Pogba, had changed over by the time team photos with the trophy were being taken.

We suspect the 'two star' version will soon be available to buy.

Looks pretty slick, in fairness.