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07th May 2017

Furious former Arsenal defender Nelson Vivas’ channels his inner Hulk and Davy Fitz

Eight weeks, easy


Nelson Vivas isn’t the first (and won’t be the last) manager to express his disappointment at being sent off by a referee.

This said, we’re pretty sure that very few (if any) managers have chosen to respond to such a decision by angrily ripping open their shirt…

That, however, is exactly what the former Arsenal defender decided to do in the immediate aftermath of his sending off during the game between Estudiantes and Boca Juniors.

Initially, Vivas had expressed his anger at a penalty decision which also earned eight players yellow cards. As the footage below shows, Vivas is pointed in the direction of the tunnel by match officials, only to rip open his shirt and throw it to the ground.

His furious reaction went someway to making up for the complete lack of goals in the Argentine top flight match.

We wonder how the CCCC would react were Davy Fitzgerald to rip of his gilet and bainisteoir hoodie on his return to the sideline after his eight-week ban?

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