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24th Jul 2015

Fans have been drawing footballers using MS Paint and the results are strangely brilliant

Disturbingly impressive

Robert Redmond

This is what happens when football fans are left to their own devices.

With the major European leagues still in pre-season, and transfer news only capable of filling so much of the void, some fans are at a loose end until the new seasons kick-off.

What does one do with so much free-time? Spend time with family, friends or loved ones? Read a book? Watch a movie? Actually play sport?

Or should you draw a footballer with Microsoft paint, post it to Reddit and have other users guess who it’s meant to be?

Well, these football fans have decided to do the latter, and the results have ranged from clever, to disturbing, to hilarious and back again.

The most popular one, so far, is this impressive Phil Jones piece:

Awh6UhDWe think this one of Edgar Davids is superior though.

3Hd5RVjBefore you ask, this isn’t a photograph of Eric Cantona’s infamous kung-fu kick on Matthew Simmons in 1995.

c8PVavwCarlos Tevez. We think. Let’s just move along.y5Gzd4cAn impressive portrait of Colombian playmaker Carlos Valderrama.

PSwzBh2Angel di Maria.


Luis Suarez.

heb8X61Peter Crouch.

47GnGL3This is either meant to be Sergio Ramos or David Beckham.

Q963YUfAnd all too realistic depiction of Gary Lineker’s “accident” against Ireland in 1990. Your talents are wasted, sir.

tqRvtUfThe Brazilian Ronaldo.

xyOC139Sepp Blatter.QowcneU

And a clever interpretation of Eden Hazard.

OBLBXX6You can check out the rest of the disturbing/impressive/clever drawings here.

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