Every young player trying to improve their weak foot, take note of Paulo Dybala's methods 5 years ago

Every young player trying to improve their weak foot, take note of Paulo Dybala's methods

Paulo Dybala is one of the most exciting young talents in world football.

But the Juventus forward knows that he is far from perfect and has gone above and beyond with his attempts to make himself less predictable in front of goal.


More often than not, Dybala will shift the ball on to his left foot before he takes a strike at goal and while that typically ends with the net bulging, it allows goalkeepers and defenders to better read what he's about to do.

The 23-year-old is clearly not completely confident on his weaker right foot but he is making significant efforts to remedy that.

Certain players, like Arjen Robben for example, are content with being absolutely lethal with one foot and lacklustre with another but Dybala doesn't want to become the type of footballer whose next move is easily predictable.


The young Argentine has taken to writing with his right foot in the hope that it catches up with his prolific left peg.

“I’m left-handed, I even brush my teeth with my left hand,” Dybala told Il Venerdì, as translated by Football Italia.

“I take a pen every day and I try to write, but with my right foot, I put it between my big toe and the little one.

“I work like a crazy person to have more sensitivity and ability. Not just that, I also train with my eyes; to see further, in different directions, to anticipate my opponents and see trajectories."

This dedication applies to his conditioning too.


“I’ve also started doing a lot of gym work, in Italy I’ve started learning to defend the ball.

“[Gennaro] Gattuso, who was then the Palermo Coach, told me not to overdo the weights though, I don’t need to be Big Jim, the explosiveness in my legs is enough.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 360 goals, which is because he’s right-footed but also strong with his left. With one foot you’re easier to mark and it’s easier for opponents to read you.

“In Italy the defenders don’t mess around, it’s a good school.”