Eric Cantona trolls Neymar with bizarre Instagram meme 4 years ago

Eric Cantona trolls Neymar with bizarre Instagram meme

Sacre bleu

Look. I don't know what to say. You've probably already read about the Eric Cantona/Neymar Senior beef that occurred during Manchester United's 3-1 win against PSG on Wednesday night.


And now you've got this: An actual 52 year old man trolling Neymar, the ultra-modern designer footballer, someone who gets a haircut every few days and dresses like George Michael, with memes. He's using the millennial's weapon of choice against the most millennial footballer imaginable. Incredible.

Big Eric is clearly taking on something of a personal vendetta against the Neymar clan and posted the following spicy meatball on his official Instagram page:


Yes, yes he does appear to be comparing Neymar to a patio barbecue. Does it make sense? Barely. Is it well designed? Absolutely not. Is it insulting? Well, you only have to look at the sickly green font and Neymar's facial expression.

You can only imagine that after he hit post the eccentric Frenchman stood up in his living room and did 'the celebration' in celebration of his own extraordinary wit and genius.

How will Neymar respond? Stay tuned to find out.