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29th Nov 2023

Lazio fans unfurl disgusting anti-Irish banners at Celtic game in Rome

Lee Costello

Unsavoury scenes in Rome.

Fans of Italian club Lazio unfurled a huge ant-Irish banner during their Champions League win over Celtic last night in Rome.

Celtic lost the game 2-0, thus ending their chances of getting through to the knockout stages of the competition, but there was more concern about what was happening off the pitch.

The ‘Ultras’ section of the home fans were hostile from the start of the match and unfurled a large banner that read: “The famine is over go home f***ing potato eaters”.

Outside of the stadium, there was also a photograph taken of Lazio fans holding another offensive banner that said: “Did the Fenian bastards take shower today?”

The conflict went further when the away end was pelted with missiles from the home section, with flares being thrown into pockets of the crowd an even a firework was let off, leaving police and stewards under pressure to keep things under control.

The only thing that separated the two sets of fans was large gap and a wire, making it easy for the two to throw missiles and hurl abuse, and it wasn’t long before Celtic fans retaliated with their own.

A late brace from star striker Ciro Immobile is what gave Lazio the victory in the match, but it was only the unsavoury scenes between fans that people were talking about in the aftermath of the game.

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