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14th Feb 2016

Aston Villa fans seethed when they saw the first post from Joleon Lescott after Liverpool thrashing


Darragh Murphy

You’ve just lost 6-0, what do you do?

Do you a) apologise to your fans on social media, b) stay radio silent due to humiliation or c) tweet a picture of a swanky Mercedes.

If you answered “c” then, congratulations, you’re Joleon Lescott.

The Aston Villa centre-back was, in theory, present for all ninety minutes of the 6-0 drubbing that Villa suffered on Sunday at the hands of Liverpool.

The bottom-of-the-table club were shambolic on the day and fans were right to be furious as they left Villa Park.

And fuel was very much poured on the fire when they finally calmed down, checked their Twitter feeds only to see that Lescott had posted this.


To say that Villa fans were irritated would have been an understatement akin to saying that Remi Garde’s men were “not great” on Sunday.

And you won’t believe the excuse that Lescott offered up.

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