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27th Mar 2016

VIDEO: Chris Eubank Sr may have saved Nick Blackwell’s life during Saturday night’s fight

Tom Victor

As Nick Blackwell remains in intensive care following his defeat to Chris Eubank Jr, it has emerged that the father of the new British middleweight champ may have prevented things from getting even worse.

Footage from during the fight shows Eubank Sr walking to his son’s corner and encouraging him to aim for the body and not the face to prevent even more serious injury to Blackwell.

The referee ultimately opted to end the fight during the 10th round, shortly before Blackwell collapsed and had to be placed in an induced coma.

“If [the referee] doesn’t stop it, and you keep on beating him like this, one – he’s getting hurt, and two – if it goes to a decision, why hasn’t the referee stopped the fight,” he said.

Doctors have described the induced coma as a “very normal procedure” and revealed that there are no plans to operate despite the 25-year-old suffering bleeding on the brain.

Figures from across the boxing world, including Tyson Fury, have shown their support for the dethroned champion, who withstood a number of blows from his challenger before time was called.