Tyson Fury goes ballistic in foul mouthed rant against Oleksandr Usyk 11 months ago

Tyson Fury goes ballistic in foul mouthed rant against Oleksandr Usyk

"Agree to that you f***ing b****."

Tyson Fury goes absolutely ballistic in a foul mouthed rant against Oleksandr Usyk which the fighter posted on social media.


Fury has came under a lot of scrutiny for making Usyk jump through hoops to get their much anticipated fight over the line, with many claiming that he's trying to find a way out of it.

The Gypsy King demanded a 70/30 purse split despite the fact that he only holds one title belt, and Usyk hold the other four.

Despite this, the Ukrainian accepted the offer, but now negotiations have stalled again, because of Fury's latest demand of having no rematch clause.

Fury Usyk


This resulted in many pundits, fighters, and people on social media, taking aim at Fury, who has now responded in a bizarre video that he posted on social media.

"I can't wait, I'm in the best shape of my life,' he continued in his Instagram video. 'I'm f***ing ready to rock and roll. I wish it was this weekend.

"Usyk, you gappy-teethed ugly bog-eyed rabbit cat, ugly piece of s***, you are getting knocked the f*** out!

"I'm a f***ing monster. Cruiserweights are getting demolished."

Fury Usyk

His demands for a 'winner takes all' contest against Usyk dominated much of the headlines in the boxing world on Monday, having already agreed a 70-30 split with his opponent.


"I've been speaking to the lawyers today and Usyk's people are talking about rematch clauses and all the b****cks.

"Here's one to up the ante, how about there is no f***ing rematch clause for both of us, let's up the ante completely.

"Never worry about what's in the future and how many dollars you can get after you've been defeated.

Fury Usyk

"Worry about the fight, April 29, no rematch clause, the winner takes the glory, the loser goes home with his d*** in his hand.


"How about that? Agree to that you f***ing b****."

Usyk's promoter Alex Krassyuk fumed at Fury that he was 'trying to escape' and 'ducking' his fighter.

"As Usyk said, the greedy belly (Fury) is still hoping to find a way to pull out. We knew before and know it now.


"As soon as Usyk accepts a no rematch clause there will still be searching for another thing to find and pull out the fight.

"I tell you why. He bluffed and Usyk called his bluff. This is 100 per cent. He didn't expect Usyk to accept 70/30.

"It's all about nothing. He's not prepared and scared to fight. He will try to find a way to avoid Usyk for as long as possible. We don't trust him, we don't believe him.''

Krassyuk added: 'I don't believe anyone will fight. Even if you accept this now, he will still try to find a way out."

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