Take a look at Muhammad Ali's incredibly moving final portraits 5 years ago

Take a look at Muhammad Ali's incredibly moving final portraits

The boxing world has been in mourning since the sad passing of Muhammad Ali on Friday.

The former world heavyweight champion, 74, passed away following respiratory problems at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.


Ali was arguably the most beloved athlete of all time, which can be seen in how his death has touched those outside of the boxing community as well as within.

The American boxer was a famously charismatic man, renowned for his quick wit and unbreakable confidence. This made him a perfect subject for many photographs in his time.

But Ali was perfectly comfortable posing for the camera more directly too.

The Louisville, Kentucky native was fond of reminding everyone just how good looking he was, another weapon in his bragging arsenal.

Two months before he died, Ali posed for what would turn out to be his final photoshoot, resulting in a series of hauntingly beautiful photographs.

Captured by British photographer Zenon Texeira for The Sun, the photos show Ali in his final days and in a light that few would have ever seen him.

Although there is a hint of frailty about the 74-year-old Ali in these pictures, you still get a sense of the aura that made him The Greatest.


Zenon told The Sun: "It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to photograph one of the biggest icons this planet has ever seen.

"Muhammad was a delight to photograph. I feel blessed to have met my all-time sporting hero.

"To capture his majesty with such intimacy fulfils a dream."