Irish boxer dubbed as "the best looking fighter since Muhammad Ali" 1 month ago

Irish boxer dubbed as "the best looking fighter since Muhammad Ali"

He's a looker to be fair.

Irishman Paddy Donovan continued his undefeated streak to 7-0 on Friday night when he knocked out Argentina’s Jose Luis Castillo, in the first minute of their bout.


The tricky southpaw has a powerful punch, and is trained by legendary boxer Andy Lee, who once held the WBO world title belt.

Apart from his obvious boxing ability and power, the Limerick native also has another string to his bow, in the fact that he is, quite frankly, incredibly good looking.

Top Rank promotor Bob Arum has seen everything there is to see in boxing, promoting the sport for over half a century, he has been involved with some of the biggest names and biggest fights in history.

The biggest name of all of course, being Muhammad Ali, who is commonly referred to as "The Greatest."

Ali had everything - the speed, the charisma, but also the looks, claiming on more than one occasion that he was the "prettiest" fighter alive.

Arum was obviously in agreement with this - that was until he started working with young Donovan.


"He is the best looking fighter since Muhammad Ali."

Not exactly a bad tag to have for yourself, especially when you consider who is saying it.

Of course, being good looking isn't enough to win you fights, and Donovan fully understands that, working relentlessly in the gym to keep his career progressing.

He has even been involved with some of Tyson Fury's training camps, and working alongside the WBC heavyweight champion has only made him even hungrier for success.