SportsJOE’s 12 Photoshops of Christmas – Day Six 9 years ago

SportsJOE’s 12 Photoshops of Christmas – Day Six

It's the halfway point of the maiden voyage of our new regular Christmas feature and we've got a real doozy of a photoshop to mark it

It's getting dangerously close to Christmas now which means the less organised among us are still in the throes of the dreaded last-minute gift-shopping stage. Anyone with a young niece or daughter will know that the must-have toy this year is the Frozen doll.


Yes, that animated movie with the songs that seem pleasant when you hear them the first time, but slowly turn into a cacophony worse than the caterwauling of 10,000 stray cats being beaten to death with sledgehammers after roughly the 50 millionth time that monotonous melody aggressively attacks your eardrums. That's the one.

What better way to compliment one of the most popular movies of the year (yes, we know technically it came out last year) than to juxtapose it with the man of the moment, Ireland's latest world champion, Andy Lee?

You see, despite being at the zenith of the sport of his sport, we'd like to think Andy Lee is just like the common man, willing to engage in a physical fight with another human being over a small piece of plastic.

Andy Lee and Anthony Fitzgerald 9/2/2013