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20th May 2021

Anthony Joshua lays Tyson Fury out in the first round of their online spat

Lee Costello

“The world now sees you for the fraud you are.”

The fight is on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s off, it’s definitely on… wait, no it’s off.

Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury was announced earlier this week as the two heavyweight superstars put pen to paper and agreed to fight this August in a bout worth more money than we can even bring ourselves to mention.

That was until it was announced that Deontay Wilder won his arbitration case and has now ordered Fury to fulfil a contracted trilogy before September 15, meaning that the blockbuster we have so desperately been wanting to see is greatly in doubt.

Joshua, who clearly has had enough of all of the talking and build-up, expressed his feelings on Twitter.

The Gypsy King was never going to take that lying down and responded in typical Fury fashion, offering the Londoner out for a bare knuckle bout instead. The evidence would suggest that it would be called off anyway, over a dispute about which car park it would take place in.

The WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO world champion didn’t take this proposal seriously, although I think we can all agree that Michael Buffer introducing the two fighters in a park or behind a pub somewhere in England, would be peak 2021.

Well, surely there’s no going back now. You can’t bring up a man’s hairline (or lack of) and not expect to fight them. There is a line after all (albeit, not on Fury’s head).

So we have come full circle. As entertaining as this was, it’s probably the closest we are going to see these two actually face each other in any shape or form.

The big question is though… who won?