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18th Feb 2018

Naseem Hamed unmercifully slaughters Chris Eubank Jr after loss to George Groves

This was brilliant television

Robert Redmond

“He’s not at this level, and he’s not as good as he has been saying he is.”

George Groves recorded a convincing victory over Chris Eubank at the Manchester Arena on Saturday night. Groves controlled the fight throughout, and kept Eubank at bay with his impressive jab. The bout got very untidy in the final rounds, as Eubank became increasingly wild in search of a knockout punch to end the bout.

Groves came through a flurry of punches in the final round, going toe-to-toe with Eubank, and he almost escaped unscathed. Groves appears to have suffered a dislocated shoulder, which was the only negative on an otherwise excellent night.

The 29-year-old went to hospital after the fight. Back at the Manchester Arena, Naseem Hamed was inflicting more hurt on Eubank.

The former world featherweight champion was on punditry duty for ITV Box Office, and he gave the viewers at home great value for money with his rant about Eubank.

Prince Naseem urged the 28-year-old to retire, he decried his boxing skills and told him he’s not as good as he thinks he is, and probably never will be.

Here are some clips of Naseem speaking about Eubank, via Twitter user George Martin.