Katie Taylor's next three fights include Delfine Persoon rematch 2 years ago

Katie Taylor's next three fights include Delfine Persoon rematch

All of the "robbery" talk was outlandish and reactionary, but most fight fans wold acknowledge Katie Taylor was pushed to the brink by Delfine Persoon.

Weeks after Katie Taylor had controversially edged Delfine Persoon to become undisputed lightweight champion, the Belgian declared, "The battle is not yet over."


Persoon was adamant that she had did enough to defeat Taylor at Madison Square Garden, back in early June, and multiple replays of her fight did nothing to sway that stance.

"We are already hearing that there will be no rematch before the summer of 2020," Persoon told Irish Boxing. "I do not want to stop this way."

Persoon was hoping that the WBC, of which she was champion until losing to Taylor, would intervene to help tee up an immediate rematch. Taylor and her team have four divisions to reign over, however, and Eddie Hearn has different ideas.

Delfine Persoon Delfine Persoon looks on after her fight against Katie Taylor after their WBA/WBO/IBF/WBC women's lightweight unification fight at Madison Square Garden on June 1. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

In an interview with Yahoo, the fight promoter said he was in touch with Taylor's manager Brian Peters, midweek, and that the next three fights have been agreed upon. Two of the three opponents look to have been lined up too, with Jessica McCaskill a possibility at super lightweight. Hearn commented:

"We’ve reached out to Delfine Persoon’s team to see about a rematch. It’s definitely a fight Katie wants, whether that’s next or the one after.

"I think now it’s about setting new targets for her; she’s become an undisputed champion at lightweight so what’s next? Probably becoming an undisputed champion at 140 pounds, but everybody wants to see the Persoon rematch.

"Amanda Serrano is a great fight that everyone is talking about as well, so I really think maybe a title at 140 then Delfine Persoon and Amanda Serrano. They’re the sort of the next three fights for Katie Taylor."


With each week that passes from that Persoon victory, Katie Taylor is being lured towards big-name opponents and the opportunity for more gold. McCaskill is the WBA and WBC champion in the super lightweight division while the IBF belt remains vacant.

If the IBF can be convinced to put their belt up for grabs too, Taylor could win three of the division's four titles [Greek boxer Christina Linardatou is WBO champ] by defeating McCaskill for the second time in two years.

After that, Persoon may get a look in while the likes of Serrano, Mikaela Mayer and Heather Hardy are all possibilities too.