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22nd Nov 2023

‘She is on the slide’ – British boxing hero gives cut-throat take on Katie Taylor’s career

Lee Costello

Katie Taylor

“I think Katie Taylor has seen better days.”

British boxing hero Carl Froch has delivered a cut-throat take on Katie Taylor’s career as she prepares for the rematch against Chantelle Cameron this Saturday.

Taylor offered her first professional loss against the English fighter last May in what was her homecoming fight, but with the rematch set up with the exact same conditions as last time, the bray boxer will be hoping to right those wrongs.

Froch doesn’t believe that the Irish fighter will get her revenge however, and backs Cameron to repeat the feat that she achieved last time around, and end the fight with her hand raised victorious.

Katie Taylor

“Katie Taylor is on the slide”, Froch told Grosvenor Casinos. “I think she’s had a fantastic career, she’s done loads for women boxing. But her main attribute is her fitness and pace and she’s tough as well.

“But as you get older you slow down and all of those attributes start to diminish, so if one of your main attributes is your toughness – like mine was – if you can’t do the training like you used to, and you’re picking up injuries and slowing down, then you’re losing half of your game, and I think Katie Taylor has seen better days.

“She will turn up and try to put on a good show, and she’ll be as fit as she can be, and she’ll give it a right go because she’s a proper warrior in that ring – she doesn’t stop throwing punches.

“But I think Cameron is too fresh and I think this fight will be the changing of the guard. Chantelle has already beaten her and I think she will do it again. Chantelle Cameron is younger and fresher and with the first win under her belt I think it’s repeat not revenge.”

Carl Froch losses all sense of irony with his take on Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor

The former world champion seems forget that he also suffered a similar disappointment during his first fight against George Groves, which resulted in a rematch taking place at Wembley Stadium.

Froch was backed as the bookies favourite to defend his title and the first round he was knocked down by the young challenger, and got beat pillar to post for the next few rounds.

The Englishman looked shot, old and not the fighter he was, and although he managed to get back into the fight, during his first period of real success against Groves, referee Howard Foster infamously jumps in too early to stop the fight, and award Froch with what was deemed as a shallow victory.

Katie Taylor

The champion who was cheered into the ring was booed out of it, as many thought the powers that be were just protecting him, and that Groves was going to win the fight. In order to correct this, a rematch was made.

After seeing how much Froch struggled the first time around, the common consensus was that he was clearly too old now, past it, and the younger fresher fighter will end his career at Wembley.

However, the defiant champ from Nottingham put on the performance of his life and knocked groves out cold, the very last punch he threw in his career. So to turn silence the critics, and say the same things about Taylor, as they said about him, seems rather strange.

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