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02nd Aug 2017

Floyd Mayweather’s camp doesn’t appear to be preparing for possibility of legal MMA move

Interesting response from Leonard Ellerbe

Ben Kiely


Floyd Mayweather is preparing for everything Conor McGregor can throw at him… except for maybe one possible exception.

Floyd Mayweather is the perfect embodiment of his personal mantra, ‘Hard work! Dedication!”

The undefeated prize pugilist is an absolute workhorse when it comes to being prepared both physically and tactically when it comes to big fights. His 49-0 professional record is a testament to that.

As CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe explained to Fight Hub TV, Money’s preparations for the August 26 bout against Conor McGregor have been no different.

“Anything could happen in a fight, so you just have to prepare. As Floyd would say, you have to prepare yourself all the way across the board and it’s going to do what it’s going to do.”

While Ellerbe claims that Mayweather is prepared for everything, he had a very interesting response when asked about the possibility of McGregor utilising a superman punch in the fight.

“They just talking, man. All that’s just talk to kind of distract you as always to run misdirection.”

A superman punch is a martial arts technique where the fighter lunges off the lead leg and strikes with a flying fist. There is a famous example of the technique being implemented successfully against a member of the Mayweather clan.

Roger Mayweather, Floyd’s uncle, was sent through the ropes by Julio Cesar Chavez’s superman punch in their WBC super featherweight title fight in 1985. The Mexican finished Roger via TKO not long after the punch landed flush.