Floyd Mayweather reportedly planning 51st fight 6 years ago

Floyd Mayweather reportedly planning 51st fight

It's almost like Floyd Mayweather is addicted to excelling.

Mayweather famously came out of retirement for one last hoorah in August, when he welcomed UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor to the boxing ring.


Having surpassed the 49-0 record of Rocky Marciano, Mayweather was expected to hang up his gloves for good with his pristine 50-0 career and minimal damage sustained over 21 years in the fight game.

He retired after his fight with Ricky Hatton but returned. He retired after his fight with Manny Pacquiao but returned. He retired after his fight with 'The Notorious' and, well, you can guess what he's thinking.


A TMZ report claims that Mayweather is entertaining the idea of taking to the ring yet again in 2018.

"Floyd has been telling people close to him that he is considering a 51st fight – and he has been training like a maniac in the gym," the report reads.

"He is still in fighting shape and ready to go and we have been told he is kicking around the idea of another comeback."

Despite the rumours, there has been no discussions of a rematch with McGregor and Mayweather is also not interested in a bout against Amir Khan.

Khan currently finds himself in a jungle but maintains that he wants to continue fighting.


The 30-year-old has pursued a lucrative bout against Mayweather for years now but it has never come to fruition and 'Money' definitely doesn't sound interested in that fight with the fighter turned reality TV star.

"For the last five years all I have been hearing is Amir Khan running his mouth off that he deserves a shot against me," Mayweather told the Sunday Star.

"It’s nothing new for me. Every fighter out there wants a chance against me because they know, win or lose, it’s going to be a big pay day for them. But I have always maintained I am nobody’s meal ticket.

"He wants to fight the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and now I hear is running away from a few snakes and spiders. I only set up fights with fighters that deserve it and who are going to be part of a great fight for fans.

"Please! He needs to get real and stick with TV."