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04th Aug 2021

English boxer slammed for refusing to wear silver medal and ‘sulking on podium’

Kieran Galpin

Whittaker’s reaction isn’t sitting right with Olympic fans

Olympic boxer Ben Whittaker has been criticised after his less than joyous reaction to being crowned the silver medal victor. Though he only just missed out on the gold, Whittaker pocketed his medal and did not congratulate any of the other athletes.

Ben Whittaker had won the hearts of fans through his social media and the various interviews he did prior to the final. After his defeat or victory, depending on who you ask, Whittaker refused to put on his medal.

Naturally, Piers Morgan has chimed in on the situation. As the UK’s leading expert on elite sports etiquette, I am personally pleased to read yet another tweet of his.

“You don’t win silver, you lose gold. I’m very disappointed – I feel like a failure. You’re in this game to win gold.’ Love this – finally, an athlete at these Olympics prepared to tell the truth about competing in elite sport. Good for you,” he tweeted.

“Tell this to the Gymnasts who were bursting with pride (along with so many in this country) to win bronze. Tell that to Charlotte Dujardin, who described her bronze as “laced in gold” because of its context – that she and her new horse gave it everything they had,” someone quote tweeted.

“How is this positive??? Taking part in the Olympics is a privilege and to promote being disappointed at getting a silver medal is just outrageous and ungrateful… especially to the younger generations who look up to these athletes,” someone replied to Morgan.

“When someone else gets the gold and you get silver you should congratulate them. They did better than you on the day…and yes, be disappointed and learn from it and accept today….You got silver.”