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Conor McGregor proves that he has the boxing knowledge and technique to put it up to Floyd Mayweather
The greatest

A right uppercut to knock out Floyd Mayweather?

Conor McGregor may be the underdog on 26 August when he fights Floyd Mayweather and there's reason for it.

The 29-year-old has never boxed professionally and the doubters say that his technique and shot selection will not be up to scratch to seriously bother Floyd Mayweather.

But McGregor has taken to Instagram to show his boxing knowledge and he's no spoofer.

"In order to have complete freedom in your shot selection and direction, you must first gain the ability to disconnect each limb from the body safely.
This is a right hand uppercut. But notice the separation in the shoulder joint. From the rotator cuff, to the clavicle and collar bone. The entire joint has complete freedom and separation.
That whip of a shot is free to go in any direction.
The same rules apply for every part of the body. Freedom in the body equals freedom in the strike.
Yours sincerely, the greatest," his post reads.

The Dubliner has never lacked confidence and has now backed himself as "the greatest" as he prepares for, what could be, the most lucrative fight of all time on 26 August.


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