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19th Jan 2023

This weekend boxing fans finally have a real fight to watch that isn’t wannabe YouTubers

Lee Costello

Boxing weekend

Yes, a real live, actual boxing match between two boxers!

This weekend Chris Eubank will take on Liam Smith in a genuine 50/50 boxing match with two proper professionals that promises to have bags of excitement and quality.

If you’re sick of seeing YouTubers stumble about a boxing ring, throwing uppercuts from the floor, and telegraphing hooks so obvious they may as well have emailed them beforehand, then you’re in for a treat this weekend.

Chris Eubank Jr is a divisive character – cocky, arrogant, and largely unliked in boxing circles, but he doesn’t mind that and plays up to the bad boy image.

Boxing weekend

His father’s legacy, the great Chris Eubank Sr, casts a large shadow and is just as detrimental to him as it is advantageous.

Regardless of all of this, he’s a bloody good fighter, loves to throw hands, mix it up, and always wants that knockout – a real entertainer.

His fitness and endurance levels are through the roof, and he never stops punching so you seldom see a Eubank fight that isn’t entertaining to watch.

Boxing weekend

What really makes this bout though, is his opponent, the silky scouser Liam Smith, who once held a world title belt only to lose it to the incredible Canelo Alvarez.

Smith has been in this game for years, and is another who loves to mix it up on the inside, a proper body puncher who wants to steal your soul in the ring, and the polar opposite to his opponent in every way in terms of personality.

The working class Liverpudlian is your classic rags to riches story, while Eubank never had to worry about money given his father’s success.

Boxing weekend

However, he did have to go to dark places to get some respect, something that he finally achieved when he defeated former world champion and Olympic Gold medalist James Degale.

Despite a couple of losses on his record, Smith has constantly bounced back , and consistently beat what was always pinned to be “the next big thing.”

Sam Eggington, Anthony Fowler, and others were all meant to use Smith as a stepping stone to bigger things, only to be beat down to size, and he will be looking to do the same to Eubank.

Even the most casual of boxing fans will enjoy this fight, but like most things in the world of boxing they have shot themselves in the foot by making it PPV on Sky Box Office.

At £19.95 for the fight, it’s a bit steep, but if you have been feasting on YouTube boxing and have a taste for the pugilist profession, then this will blow your taste buds away, as it truly is a mouthwatering, old school showdown between two real fighters.

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