Boxing management company MTK Global announce boycott of Irish media 6 years ago

Boxing management company MTK Global announce boycott of Irish media

They have made the decision 'in a call for fair news.'

Boxing management company MTK Global have announced a boycott of Irish media.


They confirmed the decision on Thursday afternoon via a written and video statement following reports of ties to Dublin gangland figure Daniel Kinahan.

"With immediate effect, MTK Global will be boycotting all media in the Republic of Ireland and pulling out of hosting any more boxing events there for the foreseeable future," CEO Sandra Vaughan said.

"Today, legal letters will be issued on my behalf to a number of media houses related to inaccurate and untrue articles about Daniel Kinahan's relationship to MTK and will initiate legal proceedings against all defamatory coverage going forward."

"Yet the minute they turned professional, the Irish media turned their backs on them and instead have taken money out of their pockets by vilifying them in the press.  This witch-hunt by Irish media has left me with no choice but for MTK Global to pull out of the Republic of Ireland for the immediate future."

"Ireland has won more Olympic medals in boxing than any other sport, bar none, yet the Irish media are putting the sport at risk to the point of near extinction if this witch-hunt continues."

"Whilst our industry continues to be slandered, disrespected and represented unfairly and unjustly by Irish media, whilst they take money from the hands of our athletes for the purpose of lining their own pockets, we will not participate or engage on any level."

MTK Global represents 29 Irish boxers, including Carl Frampton, Paddy Barnes and Jamie and Michael Conlan.