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What do you make of this top 5 Irish sports people list, according to the Ian Dempsey breakfast show
Big calls here

After Padraig Harrington's Honda heroics, the Today FM show decided to get a list together

It is, in truth, an endless debate that is probably without a definitive answer but it is great fun arguing about it all the same. The honour of Ireland's greatest ever sports person could be given to any number of potential candidates and the debate kicked off again last night in the wake of Padraig Harrington's Honda Classic win.

Shane Lowry immediately declared the golfer to be Ireland's greatest ever sports person and the baton was picked up by Ian Dempsey on his breakfast show on Today FM this morning.

He asked his listeners to pick their No 1 and then he posted the top 5 based on the submissions this morning. This list will surely cause huge arguments, as there is no place for Sonia O'Sullivan, Roy Keane, Robbie Keane or any hurler or footballer to name just a few who didn't make the cut. In fairness, all the top 5 here are giants of their sports but, as always, it will be the omissions and the order that will cause the rows.

Let the arguments begin


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