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29th May 2017

WATCH: ‘The Mountain’ from Game Of Thrones claims to be “robbed” in Worlds Strongest Man final

He's not a happy camper

Rory Cashin

There are some things in Game Of Thrones that we know aren’t real. Dragons, for example.

And there are some things in Game Of Thrones that we totally believe might happen, like when we see The Mountain squeeze someone’s skull so tightly that it pops wide open like a ripe grapefruit.

Such is the beastly size of Hafthor Bjornsson – who is only 28 years old, by the way! – and so he is a regular competitor of the World’s Strongest Man competitions.

Here is a video of his final round, battling off against Eddie Hall from the U.K., and what looks like the two giants performing dead-lifts on troughs full of boulders.

As you do.

 According to some sources, this more level-headed series of comments underneath the video, compared to what it originally said before being deleted:

“This weekend I was robbed. The integrity of my beloved sport is in question.”

Not to worry though, Bjornsson! You’ve already won Iceland’s Strongest Man six times, and Europe’s Strongest Man three times, and like we mentioned, you’re only 28!

There’s always next year, once you’re done popping skulls on Game Of Thrones, obviously…