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07th Jan 2015

VINE: This basketball court invader got absolutely smashed for his stupidity


Kevin McGillicuddy

Would you call this a technical or a personal foul

If you ever wanted to know what would happen if you ran onto a court/pitch when you aren’t supposed to then this will serve as a fine warning.

Vladimir Dragicevic was taking free throws for Banvit tonight in the Buducnost-Banvit EuroCup game in Podgorica Montenegro when there was quite a kerfuffle on the court.

A very angry fan rushed on to confront team-mate Sammy Mejia who is then absolutely smashed by E.J Rowland.

Needless to say both Mejia and Rowland were ejected for their roles in the incident but we feel there could be a larger punishment in store for both gentlemen(or maybe not so gentle in Rowland’s case)

The match eventually resumed and Banvit beat Buducnost Voli Podgorica 74-68

H/T to Draft Express