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06th Dec 2014

VINE: Ronnie O’Sullivan proves he’s human with this horrible miscue

Epic UK snooker semi-final went down to final frame

Kevin McGillicuddy

We’ll show Ronnie how not to make the white leave the table if he shows us how to play left-handed

Not content with securing a 147 earlier in the week at the UK Snooker championship Ronnie O’Sullivan provided another WTF moment earlier in his UK semi-final with Stuart Bingham.

The Rocket was trailing 4-1 to Bingham at the time when he lined up a fairly simple black to the corner pocket.

“The Rocket” might want to give arm day amiss at the gym for the next few weeks though as he absolutely shanks the cue ball into the air over the black.

His reaction afterwards tells you everything you need to know.

In fairness though he recovered and in a frankly epic semi final he won five of the last six frames to set up a final with either Judd Trump or Stephen Maguire.