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19th Nov 2014

Video: Who’d win a fight, Rafa Nadal or Ronaldo? Actually, who’d win a poker match?

Spain versus Brazil...

Conan Doherty

Blimey, we wouldn’t want to be facing off with the cool, stone-faced Rafael Nadal at a poker table.

The 14-time tennis Grand Slam winner sat down with Ronaldo – sorry, that should be The Ronaldo – for a charity poker match in London last night and, inevitably, won.  That’s what he does.  He wins things.

The event, hosted by PokerStars, offered a $50,000 purse which the Spaniard vowed to give to The Rafa Nadal Foundation after his victory.

Nadal is no stranger to the poker circuit, once beating professional Daniel Negreanu in a previous tournament.  And, whilst Ronaldo may have taken defeat hard this time round, he has now called out fellow Brazilian striker, Neymar, as his next opponent.


Rafael Nadal