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04th Dec 2021

Ronnie O’Sullivan on why he staged sit-down protest during UK Championship defeat

Callum Boyle

O’Sullivan also requested for a photographer to be removed as they didn’t have a tripod

Ronnie O’Sullivan made headlines for all the wrong reasons as he crashed out of the UK Snooker Championship to Kyren Wilson, on Friday night.

The seven-time champion’s defeat didn’t come without the ‘Rocket’s’ frustrations after he refused to take shots on multiple occasions – sitting in his chair instead – as he complained of distractions in the crowd.

Following on from the loss, O’Sullivan was asked about his decision to sit down in protest at the distractions made by the crowd and he said he’d ‘rather sit down and wait’ than play with the background noise.

“I’d rather just sit down and wait,” he told Eurosport.

“I said to the referee, we’re in no rush. I’m here to play snooker and there’s no time limit on how long the match takes.

“It doesn’t bother me. I play in good venues and bad venues, it is what it is. I don’t even care enough to have an opinion on it. It is what it is – just keep eating the smoked salmon and cream cheese.”

Ronnie O’Sullivan and his tripod stance

It wasn’t the only issue the 47-year-old had in York as he also requested for the removal of a photographer from the arena as they didn’t have a tripod.

And O’Sullivan added that unless they have the full equipment needed, they shouldn’t be allowed entry to work in the arena. He said:

“I’ve said that unless they have a tripod they are not welcome.

“It’s not a lot to ask, if you are a cameraman it should be standard stuff to be carrying about so maybe he should go to the professional and get his kit right.”

Kyren Wilson gives his take

Meanwhile, O’Sullivan’s conquerer Wilson said he wasn’t fazed by the antics of the crowd.

‘I just wanted to get on with it,’ he said.

“I understand his reasoning for that. But when the crowd were up on my turn I just got on with it and I did a pretty good job.”

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