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04th Jan 2024

Luke Littler’s family hit back at ‘jealous parents’ questioning his age

Callum Boyle

They’ve accused others of trying to undermine him.

Luke Littler’s family have accused parents of other families trying to spread a false rumour about his age.

Littler reached the final of the World Darts Championship at the age of 16, only to lose to world number one Luke Humphries in a performance he could still be proud of.

Throughout his arrival on the world stage people have doubted the age of the Warrington-born star however those theories were debunked when Littler’s birth certificate was officially released.

However, his family have claimed that “jealous” parents have attacked and tried to undermine him for years – just because he looks older.

Leanne Seddon, Luke’s mum’s cousin, said: “Some years ago when he was winning everything, other parents of young players started a rumour he was lying about his age.

“To enter a competition you have to give proof of age, but that didn’t stop them.

“It was pure jealousy and nastiness by adults attacking a young teenager on social media. To stop the hate his parents posted proof of his age back then.

“And yes again there are some who are saying they seriously think he’s lying.

“Whether they really believe that or not I don’t know. Some just like to say outlandish stuff on social media for attention, a laugh, or to cause trouble or hate.”

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