Keane Barry does himself proud on biggest stage and there are brilliant things to come 1 year ago

Keane Barry does himself proud on biggest stage and there are brilliant things to come

Keane Barry throws every dart like he means it.

Conviction tears after his every arrow. The camera struggles to keep up with the speed of him, and at 17 years of age, he's not one bit afraid of playing in front of a global audience.

This was the Duleek youngster's first ever trip to Alexander Palace. He was the third youngest player ever to make it to this stage and he was playing with the focus and the skills of a man who's been going there his whole life.

Vincent van der Voort had to be on his game. The Dutch destroyer is one of the most experienced players on the circuit, all 43 years of him and this was his 12th year in a row to compete at the world championships.

Heck, van der Voort made his World Championship debut a full five months before Keane Barry was even born.

Dutch destroyer, meet the Duleek destroyer. This is the new age of darting talent and Keane Barry has some future ahead of him.

Viewers worldwide were blown away by the breakneck speed he throws at. This fella doesn't stop for a breather.


Keane Barry held his first throw and he had three 180s knocked down by the time the game was ten minutes old. He was playing like a man in a hurry. That's his style and he sure makes it an entertaining watch.

3-0 was the final scoreline. Van der voort had too much in the end but as John Part said on Sky Sports afterwards, this didn't feel like a whitewash.

Keane Barry had his chances out there. He made the openings for himself and he took some of them.

But in the end van deer Voort was just too good, and had too much experience at this level. The sight of the big Dutch man missing a double was a rare one, and he squeezed the life out of the Irish youngster.

Barry didn't look overawed though. He kept his focus and his body language was always good. His throwing held decent all night long too.

This was a baptism of fire of sorts for the Meath man, but on this evidence, he'll be ready for the heat sooner rather than later.

Next up for him is the World Junior final which takes place this Saturday. Watch this space.