James Wade criticised for "bully" behaviour and bizarre post-match interview 11 months ago

James Wade criticised for "bully" behaviour and bizarre post-match interview

James Wade showed a more aggressive side on Wednesday night and it did not go down well.

Wade survived a scare to claim a 3-2 victory over Seigo Asada during their second round match at the PDC World Darts Championship but the Englishman has come in for plenty of criticism for his behaviour onstage.

Japan's Asada was perfectly respectful throughout the contest but the same could not be said for Wade, who aggressively shouted in Asada's ear when celebrating his second set win.

It was a fiery performance from Wade, the ninth seed in the annual tournament, and he was unapologetic in his post-match interview with Sky Sports.

"I kept giving it to him, I wanted to hurt him, I wanted to really hurt him in his face," a grinning Wade said.

"It wasn't a great game but I wanted to hurt him and I wanted to progress. That's for my son, and also for the UK."

In the studio afterwards, 2008 BDO World Champion Mark Webster suggested that Wade would look back on his antics and feel embarrassed for trying to intimidate a relatively inexperienced opponent while four-time World Championship semi-finalist Wayne Mardle was appalled by the showing.

"Does he mean he wanted to punch him in his face? What does he mean? I'm absolutely lost for words," Mardle said.

"That's just not on. The intimidation, being overly aggressive. That is putting yourself upon someone. That's bullying and that's just nasty.

"I hope he wakes up in the morning and thinks, 'I've made a mistake there'.

"He can't think that's right and no-one watching it can think that's right. And if they do... that's thuggish behaviour, there's no place in darts for that."

Social media had a similar reaction, slamming the behaviour of Wade, who will face either Jelle Klaasen or Keegan Brown next.