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11th Aug 2016

The Daily Mail have angered a lot of people with bizarre headline for Olympic divers

Men can't hug now?

Carl Anka

The Daily Mail has come under fire once again following their reporting of the Olympic diving events.

Reporting on Chris Mears and Jack Laugher’s gold medal victory in the synchronized 3m springboard event on Thursday, the newspaper drew ire for their decision to focus on the manner of the Team GB divers celebration, rather than their momentous victory.

Contrasting Chris and Jack’s celebratory hug with the more muted reaction of the third-placed Chinese divers, the Daily Mail ran a story asking for the British divers to “steady on” with their behaviour.

The choice in reporting, to call the Chinese decision to pat each other on the back, “manly”, while viewing the British boys joyous outburst as something less preferable drew criticism from many people, with a number saying it had thinly-veiled homophobic undertones.

A number of users also decried the paper for viewing men hugging as not masculine.

Chris Mears and Jack Laugher’s victory was a momentous occasion for Great British diving.

In 2009, Mears was left with a 5 per cent chance of survival after rupturing his spleen. The pair have worked relentlessly for a medal position, so to come away with Gold in Rio and be crowned world champions, we think the boys can celebrate however they wish.

Good on you boys.