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01st Jun 2021

After losing her hurl, Meath captain blocks with nothing else other than her bare hands

Niall McIntyre

It’s fair to say that, in picking Kristina Troy as captain, the Meath management team made what you’d have to call an inspired decision.

What do you want in a captain?

You want a player who, as well as being able to tell their teammates that they’ll have to put their bodies on the line when it comes down to it, will actually put their body on the line when it comes down to it.

Meet Kristina Troy. You probably don’t know much about her but if you can separate the good from the bad and, of all the players you’ve played with and played against, pick out the player that you would without thinking twice go to war with, well then you’ve a fair idea in your head there now.

Not even old boots are as tough.

Kristina Troy started playing for Meath back in 2008 when she was just 15 years of age and even after all these years, the Blackhall Gaels stalwart is still in midfield, still leading by example, still blocking down opponents with her hands because, well, Meath camogie was better off for it.

Meath are in the intermediate grade these days and they’re moving well, with an National League quarter final coming up against Kilkenny this weekend. It’s this type of thing, this type of bravery and courage from their fearless leader Troy which has brought them there.


Meath went onto defeat the Dubs by 0-12 0-8 but you’d have to say it, having watched the footage that was brilliantly captured by Jerome Quinn, rather her than me!

“Well that was unbelievable,” said Quinn’s co-commentator Síle Nic Coitir.

“Did Troy just block that with no hurl in her hands, that was absolutely ridiculous!”

There’s no doubt about that.

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